WIR 1/17-1/23

Wednesday 1/17: Too snowy

Thursday 1/18: Usual on the riverwalk.

Friday 1/19: Creeper (believe that’s #50 for the commute this year) about it at BBN.

Saturday 1/20: Did some local work. Quiet at Mary Cummings but an eagle was distantly visible as I was reaching the car. Mostly the usual at Horn Pond, except for 4 Fish Crows flying over. Another eagle at Sandy Beach, then 2 more at the boat club. South end of the lakes had a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and a raven. Spy Pond was frozen but presumably the same raven flew by.

Sunday 1/21: More local stuff. Nothing exciting at Blair Pond. GW Teal and little else at Alewife. Yet another eagle east of Watertown Square, a raven west of the square along with 4 Wood Ducks, then another eagle at Forest Grove. Next to nothing at Moody St.

Monday 1/22: Looped Nine Acre and Pelham Island Rd without anything (did finally get some turkeys on the way).

Tuesday 1/23: 2 coots, 1 teal, a couple black ducks, and no pintail at Hager.