WIR 1/10-1/16

Wednesday 1/10: Couple Red-wings and an eagle at Heard Farms.

Thursday 1/11: Nothing exciting at Meriam’s.

Friday 1/12: GW Teal and a coot at Hager but no pintail or Gadwall.

Saturday 1/13: Got nice earlier than expected, so decided to finally head west. Stopped at School St for a big flock of Mallards, geese, and gulls, then ran into a rainstorm further out Rt. 2. Quick stop in Gardner for a pintail, then up to Watatic. Two(!) flying squirrels at night.

Sunday 1/14: Started at Draw Seven, which had 3 Common Loons and a Red-throated. Nothing much in a quick scan at Sylvester Baxter, and nothing at Earhart. However, driving behind the shopping center, I came across a Red-shouldered Hawk. Continued to Castle Island where I couldn’t find any Purple Sandpipers or scaup (or Snow Buntings). Saw the Ross’s was near a parking area on the way by, so pulled in and ended up talking to Jim for a few minutes, picking up Iceland Gull and Horned Grebe in the process. Drove around Squantum and Quincy a bit without finding much.

Monday 1/15: Swung towards Lowell but the gulls weren’t on show and I wasn’t up for walking along the river. Got a Glaucous in a parking lot in Tewksbury, then walked around Hanscom and saw nothing.

Tuesday 1/16: 2 Long-ears and a sharpie at Dunback but no luck with the Rough-legs.