WIR 1/3-1/9

Wednesday 1/3: Dunback had the Rough-legs (commute #212), a grackle, but the Long-ears were hidden.

Thursday 1/4: Snow

Friday 1/5: Snow but first Cooper’s in the yard for awhile.

Saturday 1/6: Cold, Red-belly in the yard.

Sunday 1/7: Didn’t warm up fast enough but did an hour’s drive midday (Res, Hobbs Brook, out 2A to Meriam’s and up Virginia Rd, then over to Hardy Pond). Combined total: 1 red-tail, 3 Ring-billed Gull, 3 Rock Pigeon, 2 Blue Jay, 1 junco.

Monday 1/8: River walk was rough walking and frozen from Shaw’s to the ball field, but 31 species including the regular ducks, 2-3 Cooper’s, and 2 wigeon.

Tuesday 1/9: Merlin at BBN, waxwings getting off the Pike.