WIR 4/25-5/1

Wednesday 4/25: Nothing in the rain at the res, Flint’s, Nine Acre, or Heard.

Thursday 4/26: Thrasher (new for Lincoln) and House Wren at Lindentree.

Friday 4/27: Warbling Vireo, not a lot else at Farm Pond. Turkey running around at work.

Saturday 4/28: Too sunny at the res (couldn’t look at the water), nothing at McClennen. Kingbird, Warbling Vireo, 2 thrashers in addition at Arlington Res. Nothing at Meadowbrook, 1 Mourning Cloak but no elfins or azures at Arlington Great Meadows.

Sunday 4/29: BBC Mt. Auburn trip had GH Owl, turkeys, and not much else. Great Meadows was a waste beyond FOY Marsh Wren and BH Vireo (in a downpour). Nothing at the res.

Monday 4/30: Chased a reported Audubon’s (that wasn’t) at Sudbury Great Meadows. FOY Ovenbird and a few other things.

Tuesday 5/1: BH Vireo and not much more at Forest Grove.