WIR 5/2-5/8

Wednesday 5/2: Went back to Arlington Res to get the grosbeak for May and for the commute. Took more effort than I had hoped but I did get it. Also FOY Baltimore Orioles and Green Heron plus a ton of Yellow-rumps. Sitting outside in the evening had an Osprey go over.

Thursday 5/3: Got up early to go to Nobscot but a text from Tim as I was leaving saying it was slow had me head to BBN instead. Good decision, lots of yearbirds including catbird, parula, Black-and-white, RB Grosbeak, Blue-winged, and my first spring Orange-crowned. 

Friday 5/4: Drizzled enough that I abandoned plans for Prospect Hill and went to Heard Pond instead. Early Blackpoll, GC Flycatcher, etc.

Saturday 5/5: Suffolk county run. Goal was to hit 200 (starting at 191). Deer Island was hopping (finally), 12 warblers (Waterthrush, BT Blue, Prairie, Wilson’s all targets), plus gnatcatcher, Swainson’s Thrush, oystercatchers, tons of sparrows, and more. Piping Plover and nothing else at Winthrop Beach. Greenway had another waterthrush and a calling Least Flycatcher plus FOY Common Green Darner (presumably). Belle Isle was pretty dead. Did get a Veery and FOY Chimney Swift. Missed the Hooded Warbler in Mission Hill but did get a thrasher (199) plus Blue-winged and a few other things. Made up for that at Millennium. Not a whole lot else there but did get to 80 on the day.

Sunday 5/6: Swainson’s Thrush was 168 for the res on the new trail at Hobbs Brook. Also redstart and Prairie, FOY Scarlet Tanager and Spotted Sandpiper, and a few other things. Wasn’t quite lousy enough at Great Meadows but did have a couple yellowlegs and Least Sandpipers go over. Solitary and Spotted along the river plus another Blackpoll and most of the usual residents. White-crowned in the yard late in the day was the first in 10 years.

Monday 5/7: Another Swainson’s, this time at Lot 1 plus probably a pair of Broad-wings.

Tuesday 5/8: Made the drive out to Westborough for a little change. Nothing overly exciting, filled the White-crowned Sparrow, Indigo Bunting, and Orchard Oriole gaps in Worcester county.