WIR 5/9-5/15

Wednesday 5/9: Blackburnians at Prospect Hill plus FOY Black Swallowtail.

Thursday 5/10: More of the same at College Pond, BT Blue was new for Weston.

Friday 5/11: Pair of GW Teal and a YT Vireo at BBN. Pileated flew over 128 on the way to work.

Saturday 5/12: Bird-a-thon. Lousy weather, got about 93. Highlights included Cerulean in Medford, Cape May in Winchester, and the usual.

Sunday 5/13: Led the Mt. Auburn trip. Still lousy weather, more Cape Mays and the like but hard work. Wandered to Earhart after and had 10 warblers there. Quick stop at the Mystic Lakes didn’t turn up much and Meadowbrook had a parula and too many people visiting graves.

Monday 5/14: House Wren in the yard, eagle, turkey, a few warblers, etc at Forest Grove.

Tuesday 5/15: Had to renew my license, so got a few hours in at Mt. Auburn first. Twenty warblers (missing yellowthroat(!)) including 2 Cape Mays, a few Bay-breasted, a Tennessee, etc. Missed Olive-sided and a few other things but not bad at all.