WIR 8/22-8/28

Wednesday 8/22: Too rainy. Gave Norumbega a 2 minute check without anything.

Thursday 8/23: Nobscot again was pretty quiet. Kestrel, one flock of kingbirds about it.

Friday 8/24: Chestnut-sided, B&W, Redstart at Prospect Hill.

Saturday 8/25: Central sweep. Loons in close at Fitchburg Res. Pretty quiet at Blood Hill, BT Green, Yellow-rump, Ovenbird, Chestnut-sided, B&W in one flock and a few RB Nuthatches at the summit about it. Cormorant in the little farm pond on the way to Watatic was #100 for Ashby (town #18 to hit 100). Watatic itself was very quiet. Ruffed Grouse and Purple Finch were the interesting birds and a porcupine was quite nice. Fitch’s Bridge Rd had a bunch of interesting bugs, 5-7 Solitary Sandpipers, and little else.



Sunday 8/26: Joined the MBC walk at Horn Pond. Broad-wing there finally plus a few Redstarts and Black-and-whites. Continued to Sandy Beach where I had a Canada Warbler and Renee’s waterthrush. South end of the lakes had 3 Cooper’s, 4 ravens, and an eagle. Draw Seven had some Semipalmated Sandpipers.

Monday 8/27: Turkey Vulture on the water tower, Red-shoulder along the parkway at BBN.

Tuesday 8/28: Least Flycatcher, waterthrush, etc at Dunback.