WIR 10/31-11/6

Wednesday 10/31: Forest Grove wasn’t terribly exciting beyond a few PB Grebe.

Thursday 11/1: Went back to Habitat to get the tanager for the commute and November. Succeeded with that, no luck with Evening Grosbeak though.

Friday 11/2: Pond check had just short of nothing. Made another loop of the res on the way home (last time until March) and had 3 Common Mergansers and a loon.

Saturday 11/3: Did a bit of a pond check, 150 cormorants and 3-4 Ruddy at Spy Pond were the only things of any note (and just short of the only birds).

Sunday 11/4: Started with a quick buzz of the res, Long-tailed Duck was #100 for the year there. No birds at Flint’s, and none at Fitchburg Res. A few Hoodies but nothing else at Ashby Res. Hawkwatched for a bit at Blood Hill, 7+ Bald Eagles were about it, everything distant and not much moving. Also a flock of 20 bluebirds, probable Horned Larks, a few siskins over plus a phoebe halfway up. Continued to Townsend Hill WMA which had almost as many hawks plus a Palm, Mourning Cloak, and Autumn Meadowhawk. Fitch’s Bridge Rd had a Fox Sparrow, lots of juncos, and not a ton else. School St had 7+ pintail.

Monday 11/5: BBN had a Red-shoulder and likely some Evening Grosbeaks.

Tuesday 11/6: Nothing at any of the ponds I checked (too much traffic for the res), a few teal and pintail at Nine Acre.