WIR 12/26-1/1

Wednesday 12/26: Started at Horn Pond, which was pretty quiet. Continued to Silver Lake, which was birdless, then Martin’s Brook. The Tufted Duck was still present and a scaup was new there. Spent a good bit of time with them and finally got the wing views I wanted. Back to Silver Lake, which now had a bunch of gulls. Closest bird on the beach was an Iceland but the rest looked like Herring and Ring-billed. Barely had 20 minutes with them before an eagle flew over and they all took off.

Thursday 12/27: Chipping Sparrows at Mt. Auburn, loon at Fresh Pond.

Friday 12/28: Quick Spy Pond/Mystic Lake loop didn’t have anything exciting.

Saturday 12/29: Went for the Painted Bunting. Got distant but good views after about an hour and a half, which was about as much as I could take. Continued to Chandler, Lost, and Hammond Ponds without anything of note.

Sunday 12/30: Concord CBC. Pretty quiet. Barred Owl at Minuteman the best.

Monday 12/31: Did a quick loop of Rock Meadow, Clay Pit, etc without anything before spending the rest of the day not holding down food.

Tuesday 1/1: Felt enough better to go out for the morning. Nothing at any of the ponds but finally got the grosbeaks on the ground at Dunback along with the Marsh Wren (where’d that been?), the Yellow-rump, and a few other things.