WIR 1/9-1/15

Wednesday 1/9: Great Meadows was very quiet. Nothing but geese and swans (and a muskrat/beaver) in the impoundments, a few creepers and Swamp Sparrows near the river.

Thursday 1/10: Dunback was quiet beyond the grosbeaks.

Friday 1/11: No luck with the Rough-leg at Meriam’s. Not much of anything there.

Saturday 1/12: Once it sort of warmed up, went to Draw Seven, which was pretty quiet. Earhart had the hawk from 12/22 but I had left the camera in the car and couldn’t find it again after running back. Greater Scaup at the Mystic Lakes was about it for birds of note there.

Sunday 1/13: Chased a few county birds. Success with the Clay-colored and White-crowned sparrows at Hollyhood Cemetery in Brookline and the Cackling Goose at Jamaica Pond. No luck for a January BT Blue at Hall’s Pond though.

Monday 1/14: Tried for the Rough-leg again. No luck with that, did have a few waxwings and a ton of Tree Sparrows.

Tuesday 1/15: Started at Forest Grove. Just the area by the pumphouse was open and I picked out a female pintail pretty quickly (and then spent 15 minutes waiting for it to raise its head to confirm). Decided not to walk there and doubled back to Moody St. Usual birds there. Had time to pull in at Norumbega, nice eagle in the trees.