WIR 1/30-2/5

Wednesday 1/30: Forest Grove was very quiet but did have a couple redpolls fly over. Weird domestic at Norumbega too, maybe the thing that had been reported as a Snow off and on.

Thursday 1/31: Too cold, House Finch in the yard.

Friday 2/1: Still too cold. Did check Pelham Island Rd and had a couple Common Mergs, 5 geese, and 2 swans.

Saturday 2/2: Wandered Dunback a bit. Coyote, Winter Wren, Yellow-rump, not much else. Did a loop of Concord Ave, Wilson Farms (mostly to confirm the gulls at Dunback were from there), and the res without anything.

Sunday 2/3: Nothing at the lower end of the Mystic Lakes. Flock of redpolls and an eagle on the Wellington Greenway. Redpolls moved across the river to Earhart but couldn’t get the eagle from there. Continued to Lynn and King’s Beach but tide was wrong and no Mew Gull(s). Did have 2 banded Ring-bills and FOY Sanderlings. Quick check of Winthrop Beach looked pretty dead, so swung into Belle Isle to check the feeders before heading home. Hermit Thrush flushed as I pulled in, not much else there. Did hear about a Barred Owl on the Winthrop Greenway, so went over there but no luck.

Monday 2/4: Raven, Rusty Blackbird at the Wayland Community Gardens.

Tuesday 2/5: Eagle, goldeneye, not much else at Great Meadows.