WIR 4/3-4/9

Wednesday 4/3: Not so nice out, Greater Scaup, a few mergs, and that was about it at the res. Gave the egret another pass and it was very obvious even without stopping again. Nothing at Heard.

Thursday 4/4: Rusty Blackbirds besides the patch additions at BBN.

Friday 4/5: 6 Evening Grosbeaks at Dunback plus a Red-shoulder.

Saturday 4/6: Hanscom had 3 Field Sparrows, a kestrel, and a meadowlark. Decided to look for Black Vulture from Prospect Hill with no luck but did have 3 Pine Warblers hiking back down.

Sunday 4/7: Started at Alewife, which was quiet beyond a Palm Warbler at Thorndike. Continued to Torbert MacDonald, which had a kestrel (finally for Medford) and Draw Seven which was a waste. Back to Sandy Beach, which was quiet. Lower end of the lakes had 4 Red-breasted Mergansers. Nothing at Meadowbrook or Hobbs Brook.

Monday 4/8: Too rainy. Usual at Hardy, snipe at Nine Acre, 2 scaup at Heard would have been good if they were close enough to ID.

Tuesday 4/9: Couple Virginia Rails at Forest Grove but not much else.