WIR 4/24-4/30

Wednesday 4/24: Tons of Yellow-rumps at Arlington Res but a kingbird was the only other thing of interest. Another kingbird just up the street on the way home.

Thursday 4/25: Quiet walk around BBN until I was almost back to the car when I had a Black-and-white and Blue-winged plus a bunch of common stuff that I didn’t see the rest of the way. Also a Spring Azure and Henry’s Elfin.

Friday 4/26: Nothing at Great Meadows beyond a Marsh Wren and nothing but swallows on the res later.

Saturday 4/27: The most common bird I needed for April in state (and county) was Louisiana Waterthrush, so with the Little Egret probably moving north I headed a bit west. First was a check of the res (2 Common Mergs, 3 species of swallow). Flint’s had nothing, so on to Nagog. More swallows and a few ducks plus an eagle was new for Acton. Tried the Keyes/Parker land in Pepperell first. Unfortunately rain the last couple days meant any stream was a river, so no luck. Continued (with a turkey on the way) to Lawrence St where I had one last year. Probably heard one singing but it was in an odd spot so didn’t count it. Kingfisher and creepers the best of what was there. Continued to Bertozzi. Sun started to poke through but the river was raging. FOY Broad-wing and Blue-headed Vireo heard plus a singing Winter Wren but not too much else. Gave up at that point and went to Willard Brook. The river was roaring to the point where I couldn’t hear anything and the path was mostly underwater. Surprisingly I picked up a waterthrush on the way back and then heard another from the parking lot. Gave Ashby Res (Common Merganser) a quick check then pulled in at Fitchburg Res. Could see a few smaller birds on the water, so got the scope out and was nicely surprised by 4 Long-tailed Ducks. Unfortunately way out and I couldn’t find them from the other side.

Sunday 4/28: Led the BBC Mt. Auburn trip. Thought we were going to have a single warbler on the day, which fortunately was an Orange-crowned but we had a Pine almost back to the entrance. Also FOY orioles, House Wren, and Warbling Vireo plus RB Nuthatch, BH Vireo, etc. Went to Belle Isle after. RB Grosbeak on the feeders and then got the Willets I was looking for along with a banded oystercatcher. Checked the greenway next, which had more of the same. Winthrop Beach had several gannets and 3 Piping Plover plus a banded oystercatcher. Gave Fisherman’s Bend a quick scan, which had similar.

Monday 4/29: Tried Great Meadows in Sudbury for a change. River Otter, kingbird, catbird, not too much else.

Tuesday 4/30: Distant thrasher plus Yellow Warbler and Common Yellowthroat at Heard, along with most of the expected swallows.