WIR 4/17-4/23

Wednesday 4/17: Got to Nobscot for the first time this year, not sure it was worth the effort. Couple Winter Wrens, 3 towhees, Fox Sparrow, and not much else.

Thursday 4/18: Fox Sparrow, gnatcatcher about it at BBN.

Friday 4/19: Day off, so went down to Westport. Knew it would be windy but hoped that would have things moving. Scoters were, not much else. Started at Gooseberry, where I had a couple Dunlin and Sanderling then watched scoter flocks go by for an hour. Also finally got gannet for Bristol. Moved to Allen’s Pond, which was quiet (and I only managed the road side of the beach trail as it was too windy on the beach side). Got county #2 on the day with Black Vulture by the pig farm. Poked around a bit, then stopped for lunch. Egypt Lane was next. Flock of Brant was ok as was a kestrel. Continued to West Island. Walked a lot of the trails and couldn’t find anything. Turkey along the road on the way out was #60 on the day.

Saturday 4/20: Got up for the Menotomy walk (thanks mockingbird right outside the window) but decided a pond check was a better idea in the rain. Loon on the res, loon on Flint’s. Continued to Great Meadows as it started to clear. Couple Bank Swallows mixed in and a yellowlegs or two overhead. Looped the woods and it started pouring again. Tried School St but too heavy to scan. Rain slowed again, so towards Arlington Res. Usual there, 2 Spotted Sandpipers the best. Gave McClennen a quick check, nothing, and nothing at Spy Pond.

Sunday 4/21: Started at BBN. Patch FOY towhee, yellow-rump, and Savannah Sparrow plus another Virginia Rail, a Purple Finch, etc. West Meadow was more of the same, as was the duck ponds. Decided to try Kendrick Lake in the drizzle, found next to nothing. Loon still at the res on the way home, not a whole lot else.

Monday 4/22: Heard Pond was pretty quiet, pair of bluebirds the most interesting.

Tuesday 4/23: Bit rainy. Too much traffic for the res, street sweeper in the way by Flint’s. Nine Acre had 2 teal still in a quick scan. Heard Pond was dead. Waxwings, FOY Chimney Swift, lots of swallows at the Pelham Island Rd bridge.