WIR 8/21-8/27

Wednesday 8/21: Absolutely nothing at Forest Grove. Cruised by Heard Pond on the way home in case the rain had dropped something in. Nothing there but noticed the water level was down on the river so stopped for a few seconds and had a snipe, 2 Least, and 2 Solitary before the rain picked up again.

Thursday 8/22: Lesser Yellowlegs finally at BBN, not a whole lot beyond.

Friday 8/23: Solitaries and Least at Pelham Island Rd. Should have skipped that as ran short on time at Heard Farm where there was a Lesser Yellowlegs, Canada and Black-and-white Warblers, a redstart, and a bunch of swallows.

Saturday 8/24: Thought radar looked good overnight but minimal migrants on the ground. Headed to Alewife but they’re doing work so Acorn Park and the first bit of path was inaccessible. Danehy instead had an Indigo Bunting and Least Flycatcher but little else. Thorndike Field was being mowed so nothing there. With no migrants, skipped on trying near Dilboy and went to Torbert MacDonald instead. RB Grosbeak, gnatcatcher, lots of mockingbirds, one interesting shorebird that flew around at a distance. Snowy Egret was visible in front of the casino from Draw Seven but when I went over I couldn’t find it again. Did have 25ish Semipalmated Sandpipers and a Peregrine.

Sunday 8/25: Did the long walk to the duck ponds. Started nicely with a Blue-winged and Yellow Warbler along with Great Crested Flycatcher at Falzone. Nothing else at Lot 1, nothing on the boardwalk, no different sandpipers at BBN (Pec was there yesterday), and nothing on Mackerel. Rock Meadow was quiet. Greater Yellowlegs at the duck ponds appears to be my 150th bird on foot from home (Lesser was #149 earlier). Nothing else at Rock Meadow or BBN on the way back, walked down Trapelo instead of back through the West Meadow. Redstart and 3 Green Heron fledglings at Lot 1 on the way out.

Monday 8/26: One redstart was about it at Prospect Hill.

Tuesday 8/27: More of the same at Nobscot.