WIR 10/9-10/15

Wednesday 10/9: Nor’easter didn’t quite materialize (at least the rain) but did a pond check anyway. Nothing on the res, absolutely nothing on Flint’s. Nothing at the bridge on Pelham Island Rd. Started with nothing but cormorants at Heard but eventually picked up a distant Ruddy. Pulled in at the other end to see if it was closer and had about 18 Rough-wings flying around. GW Teal back at the swamp.

Thursday 10/10: Thought it was supposed to be worse out so did a pond loop. Ruddy and a few Rough-wings at Heard the only birds of note (and almost the only birds).

Friday 10/11: Still a drop too nice, Great Meadows was very quiet.

Saturday 10/12: Started at Deer Island hoping for storm birds. Bit foggy/spraying for that but did have a Tree Swallow, 150+ Laughing Gulls, a few Bonaparte’s, a White-crowned Sparrow and see from ebird reports that I didn’t miss that much. Tried Nut Island next. Better visiblity but only a couple Peregrines as anything to note. Pulled in along Wollaston Beach on the way out and found one skimmer remaining. Earhart had police activity and 130+ cormorants lined up. Nothing at Spy Pond, Hobbs Brook, or the res in a quick drive around.

Sunday 10/13: Rusty Blackbird, PB Grebe, Ring-neck about it at Sandy Beach. Nothing exciting at the rest of the lakes or at Meadowbrook. Fresh Pond was quiet but had a decent number of Syrphids, although apparently all ones I’ve had this year. Quick scope of Arlington Res had nothing new and nothing in the open at Hobbs Brook (actually started the day at the res but the sun was too bad).

Monday 10/14: Nothing exciting at a brief stop along the Charles in Watertown and at Waltham St.

Tuesday 10/15: Tennessee or two, Purple Finch, 3+ Field Sparrows at the Wayland Community Gardens.