WIR 10/16-10/22

Wednesday 10/16: Lots of the usual sparrows and Yellow-rumps at BBN but little else.

Thursday 10/17: Pond check had nothing but a few gulls at the res. Fortunately they lingered.

Friday 10/18: 3 geese at the res was it. Very late tanager, lots of Yellow-rumps, not a ton else at Forest Grove.

Saturday 10/19: Did a Plymouth county run which wasn’t the best. Elllisville Harbor was fairly good, at least along the marsh and beach. Marsh Wren, Forster’s Tern, tons of gannets, White-rumped Sandpiper, and more. The fields were quiet. Quick stop at Manomet Point had nothing, so went to Tidmarsh. Long walk around had White-crowned and Field Sparrows but still couldn’t get a Savannah. Manomet Point again was even slower, so tried Nelson Field, which also looked quiet. Checked hotspots towards home and tried the Duxbury Bogs. A bunch of Rusties and a few ducks and shorebirds but no sparrows. Buzzed the res on the way home and wasn’t surprised by 2 Black Scoters given the numbers elsewhere today.

Also lots of meadowhawks all over including an immature looking one, plus a late Bronzed(?) Tiger Beetle.

Sunday 10/20: Slight change in plans, instead of West Meadow then Rock Meadow I went straight to Rock Meadow. Also sapsucker and first local juncos of the fall. Then on to Milton. Fowl Meadow had a BT Blue, a really cooperative Red-shoulder, and lots of Yellow-rumps. Quick check of the res had a PB Grebe, Ruddy, and 4 Ring-necks.

Monday 10/21: Towhee was the best thing at Kaveski.

Tuesday 10/22: Nothing exciting at West Meadow, which left enough time to get the kingbird as commute #227.