WIR 10/23-10/29

Wednesday 10/23: Pond check turned up 4 Wood Ducks at the res and basically nothing else.

Thursday 10/24: No Grasshopper Sparrow at Kaveski, BH Vireo, 4 species of blackbirds the highlights.

Friday 10/25: Timing of the plumber meant I had to get ready early so went to Westborough. Nothing unusual, lots of common sparrows.

Saturday 10/26: Decided not to run out to Hadley. McClennen had nothing exciting. Late Solitary, Semipalmated Plover, and Nashville at Arlington Res plus a pipit. Late BT Green at Arlington Great Meadows. Very little at Waltham St and Hobbs Brook.

Sunday 10/27: Wasn’t raining early so hit Danehy for a bit. Marsh Wren was about the only thing of interest. Spy Pond in the rain had 150+ cormorants, Mystic Lakes had a flock of Hoodies.

Monday 10/28: Finally got to Farm Pond, which I’d been saying I should do all fall. Started out the causeway and pretty quickly flushed a very pale sparrow that looks good for Ipswich. My first in the county but the second one to be seen here. That took quite a bit of time, so I didn’t get to the north end. Did have a Bufflehead, 2 coots, and a pipit.

Tuesday 10/29: Nothing of note at Great Meadows.