WIR 12/4-12/10

Wednesday 12/4: Nothing on a quick buzz of Cambridge Res.

Thursday 12/5: Wood Duck among the regulars at Pelham Island Rd.

Friday 12/6: Quiet on the riverwalk.

Saturday 12/7: Same ducks on the res. Slogged through the snow at both ends of Waltham St and found nothing. Mostly the usuals at Moody St but a chip alerted me to a Pine Warbler. Chased the meadowlarks at Hanscom without any luck.

Sunday 12/8: Tried for the meadowlarks again, only had 4 Field Sparrows and an eagle. Another eagle plus a GB Heron at the res, which was close to freezing over.

Monday 12/9: Merlin and 3 Wood Ducks at Forest Grove.

Tuesday 12/10: Barred Owl at Lot 1.