WIR 11/27-12/3

Wednesday 11/27: Winter Wren and not much else at the West Meadow.

Thursday 11/28: Looped out as far as Nagog without anything of note.

Friday 11/29: Charles by Watertown Square was pretty quiet. Nothing exciting at Torbert McDonald, nothing at Draw Seven. Eventually found Jonathan’s Long-tailed Duck by the casino but no interesting sparrows. Big Ring-neck flock at the res but nothing else among them beyond Hoodies.

Saturday 11/30: Made the brilliant decision to try Wachusett Res. Freezing, windy, and pretty birdless. Rail trail had very little and no hybrid hawk. Gave up and worked my way home, stopping at Fort Meadow Res, Hager Pond, Heard Pond, and Norumbega without much.

Sunday 12/1: Usual at the res. Rusty, Winter Wren, and a Yellow-rump among the usual at Dunback. A good 50+ Red-wings at Waltham St as I drove by. Apparently walked by the Lark Sparrow at Earhart, got the Long-tail for December, then found the sparrow on the way back. Hundred+ mergansers on Spy Pond plus a few Ruddy, Hardy almost frozen.

Monday 12/2: Snowed in, White-throat, junco, Song Sparrow about it.

Tuesday 12/3: Snowed in, 2 Song Sparrows but no White-throat.