WIR 12/25-12/31

Wednesday 12/25: Very quiet CBC scouting at Ricci Field. Nothing in a quick check of Hanscom, then nothing at School St. Lots of Canadas at Nine Acre (and the prison field, although those weren’t checked overly carefully). Deer lying on the ice at the res but no birds beyond gulls.

Thursday 12/26: Did a Cape Ann run finally this year. Halibut wasn’t too exciting, 11+ Yellow-rumps the best land bird and the usual sea things. Andrews had a flyby Dovekie. Usual at the various Gloucester stops, finally got a guillemot for December at the Elks Club. Decided to try Andrews again and see if the King Eider was showing but the only thing of note was another guillemot. A few Brant at Plum Cove rounded out the day.

Friday 12/27: Went to Great Meadows. Flyover pipit, 3 Winter Wrens, and finally heard one of the Virginia Rails the survey group had yesterday.

Saturday 12/28: “Scouting” for the Concord CBC, did almost the whole loop. Phoebe at Ricci was by far the best but decent numbers all around. Went back out to Ayer and got the RH Woodpecker after.

Sunday 12/29: No phoebe but I think that was the only bird I missed. Added Field Sparrow, turkey, Hairy Woodpecker too.

Monday 12/30: Far too nasty but did pull in at Heard Pond and had a Great Black-back on the ice, 152 for the SRV commute year.

Tuesday 12/31: Too nasty, usual stuff in the yard.