WIR 1/22-1/28

Wednesday 1/22: Not much at BBN.

Thursday 1/23: Bunch of mergansers and an eagle along the riverwalk.

Friday 1/24: Sora super cooperative at Great Meadows. Virginia Rail flew off too but little else.

Saturday 1/25: Started at Draw Seven/Earhart. Got the Greater Scaup at both (plus another scaup sp) and the Red-throated Loon for Everett but not too much else. Continued to Belle Isle which was quiet, then Revere Beach which was very quiet.

Sunday 1/26: Wandered Horn Pond a bit. Nice immature eagle landed close to me, got the RC Kinglet and Lesser Scaup, decent number of other birds. Buzzed Mystic Lakes, Spy Pond, Meadowbrook, and the res without anything of note.

Monday 1/27: Creeper about the only thing of note at Forest Grove. Spent quite a while scoping the Mallards but no hybrid.

Tuesday 1/28: Pair of Wood Duck, a few waxwings, and a Yellow-rump along the Charles by Watertown Square.