WIR 1/15-1/21

Wednesday 1/15: Was a nice morning so the Pine Warbler was chipping away. Not much else there, eagle and 4 Ring-necks down by Purgatory in a quick drive through.

Thursday 1/16: Too rainy, pond check came up pretty empty.

Friday 1/17: Too cold and running errands but 10 minutes along the river in Watertown didn’t find anything.

Saturday 1/18: Bit too cold for much walking. Res had a few mergs then a turkey dropping down from the office park. Wood Ducks but no scaup at Leverett Pond. That was because it moved to Jamaica Pond, so first county bird of the year. Also a few Greater Scaup, lots of Ring-necks, a few Ruddies here. Nothing much at Chestnut Hill. Hammond and Kendrick Ponds were frozen. Almost went to Nahanton for towhees but decided to just check the Charles quickly. Mallards, geese, and Ring-bills at Norumbega. Mallards at Charlesbank but one was part pintail, first male of that hybrid combo I’ve seen.

Pintail x Mallard

Sunday 1/19: Waltham St had 65(!) Red-wings. Dunback had another 12 but not much more.

Monday 1/20: Midday check of the Charles had a goldeneye by Newton St and the Pine Warbler (presumably the same one) at Landry Park.

Tuesday 1/21: Hermit Thrush was the only thing of any interest at Habitat, no luck with any Fox Sparrows.