WIR 1/8-1/14

Wednesday 1/8: Falzone had a GH Owl and the Yellow-rump Cliff had on the CBC.

Thursday 1/9: Hermit Thrush and a chipmunk at the Wayland Community Gardens.

Friday 1/10: Kingfisher and Merlin at Forest Grove.

Saturday 1/11: Nice Coyote near Forest St, then started at Alewife with a flyover eagle and 2 GW Teal. Continued to Draw Seven which had nothing, Sylvester Baxter which had the usual ducks, and Earhart where I talked to Bob and saw about what was at Draw Seven. We debated a coastal swing in the wind but I decided to try Fresh Pond instead, which was pretty quiet too.

Sunday 1/12: Eagle at Hardy. Went out to get the RH Woodpecker for January, which was easy. Also had a pair of ravens and a few other things. Did the Middlesex bit of Oxbow after, nothing of note there. And nothing much at School St, Flint’s, or the res.

Monday 1/13: Nothing in the snow at BBN.

Tuesday 1/14: Chipping Sparrow (almost expected at this point) at College Pond.