WIR 1/1-1/7

Wednesday 1/1: Joined the BBC trip as usual. Was a bit cold and windy but Snowy Owl, Turkey Vulture, and King Eider were nice.

Thursday 1/2: Started with a long loop of BBN, didn’t find much beyond 2 Winter Wrens. Had some time to check Purgatory and Forest Grove after, Peregrine was the best there.

Friday 1/3: Two Yellow-rumps at Dunback.

Saturday 1/4: Common Mergansers and Ring-billed Gulls it at Spy Pond. Got the whole(?) Chipping Sparrow flock at Meadowbrook plus a couple Red-wings. Mystic Lakes were pretty much empty, except way up at Sandy Beach where there were a couple Wood Duck in addition to mergansers and Bufflehead. Nothing at Draw Seven and not much more across the river. Ring-neck at the res in the fog.

Sunday 1/5: Did a loop out to Nagog then through Nine Acre etc without seeing anything. Continued to Norumbega which had a few ducks, then nothing at the res.

Monday 1/6: Got the Virginia Rail and a Marsh Wren at Great Meadows but no Sora.

Tuesday 1/7: Nothing much at Moody St or Purgatory.