WIR 3/25-3/31

Wednesday 3/25: Rusties and a Fox Sparrow at BBN.

Thursday 3/26: Quick run along the Charles east of Watertown Square had nothing of interest.

Friday 3/27: At least one Fox Sparrow at Falzone plus patch FOY Killdeer. Quick stop at Hardy had a few Tree Swallows.

Saturday 3/28: Two Fields Sparrows (finally a March bird for the county), Rusties, a kestrel, and a phoebe at Hanscom. Another Field Sparrow at Waltham St. Tree Swallows over the yard and nothing on the res in an afternoon check.

Sunday 3/29: Pretty yuck out, pond loop had pretty much nothing. Did finally have a second Red-belly in the yard.

Monday 3/30: Nothing in a res/NAC/Flint’s loop. Thanks to a text from Francis, patch bird #184 at lunch:

Tuesday 3/31: 4+ Fox Sparrows at Dunback, Fish Crows at home.