WIR 6/3-6/9

Wednesday 6/3: Meadowlark finally at the Massport trails but otherwise just the usual.

Thursday 6/4: Ovenbird, couple redstarts about it at Dunback.

Friday 6/5: Couldn’t find the Hooded Warbler or any Cliff Swallows at Nine Acre. Loon was out on Flint’s on the way home.

Saturday 6/6: Gave the Hooded another try, nothing much there. Joined Alan and Soheil at the Eagle Reserve to odes, found lots of Belted Whitefaces, a couple Ebony Boghaunter, and 20ish other species. Fairly decent birds too.

Sunday 6/7: Started at October Farm where a swimming deer was the only thing of note. Ended up continuing to Nashoba Brook. Picked up a few Westford birds plus FOY Calico Pennant. Afternoon trip to Farm Meadow found Norm’s singing Hooded Warbler (finally a June one).

Monday 6/8: Northern Waterthrush was a surprise at BBN, FOY local ringlet the only other thing of interest.

Tuesday 6/9: Mostly running errands, nothing overly exciting along the Charles on either side of Watertown Square or at the duck ponds.