WIR 6/24-6/30

Wednesday 6/24: Nothing new at BBN. Too cloudy for much in bugs.

Thursday 6/25: Minuteman survey finally, not terribly exciting. Loon at Flint’s on the way back.

Friday 6/26: Quick run along the Charles in Watertown had the usual.

Saturday 6/27: Suffolk loop was successful other than no Manx and no parking available at Deer Island. Piping Plover, Least Terns at Winthrop Beach, oystercatcher at Fisherman’s Bend, Saltmarsh Sparrow and Glossy Ibis (county bird finally) at Belle Isle, and Bonaparte’s Gulls at the north end of Revere Beach. Earhart on the way home had 4+ Common Terns plus Big Bluets (Spot-winged Gliders everywhere).

Sunday 6/28: Decided not to head west and went to Estabrook to try for Canada Warbler. No luck with that and not too much else. Made a quick stop at one of the spiketail spots but didn’t feel like waiting around. Next, up to Tyngsboro to try a few spots along the Merrimack. Dancers, a River Cruiser, and not much else in two stops. Clouded up so I didn’t try to hard to find the third spot I had picked out online and went home.

Monday 6/29: Adult redstart and a few Rough-wings at BBN.

Tuesday 6/30: Loon at Flint’s, nothing at Hardy or the res first.