WIR 8/26-9/1

Wednesday 8/26: Least Flycatcher at BBN, bit disappointing otherwise. Red-eyed Vireo still feeding young was interesting, otherwise redstart and the usual shorebirds. Quick stop at Hardy Pond since I had to loop around had 2 kingfishers chasing each other.

Thursday 8/27: Figured Simon’s Lark Sparrow was long gone from Pine Hill but Kaveski and Meriam’s would be worth a try. Tons of House Finches, Mourning Doves, and a good number of Bobolinks but not much else. Wasn’t thrilled to see the nearby reports later.

Friday 8/28: Thought about Great Meadows but ended up at Hobbs Brook again. Semipalmated Plover for the ‘commute’ finally, 9+ kingbirds, and Least Flycatcher was #180 for the res area, and not too much else.

Saturday 8/29: Figured the storm would make for something at Great Meadows. Very little for the first hour or two, but eventually had a bit with Cliff Swallow, Pec, Semipalmated Plover, and bittern plus harrier and snipe. Quick pond loop after had nothing as the rain got heavier.

Sunday 8/30: Got a space at Deer Island. Very little in the trees, not too much on the water either. Seaweed bed at the tip had a bunch of shorebirds including 4 Ruddy Turnstone. Went towards Point of Pines after but the tide was too high. Same at Draw Seven, so went to Habitat to look for the GW Warbler. No luck with that or much else birdwise but 4 species of darner included a Swamp.

Monday 8/31: Back to Habitat. Had to leave before the GW showed up but had first of fall Magnolia and Parula among 7 other warblers. Pileated flying along Concord Ave on the way home.

Tuesday 9/1: More or less the usual at BBN, 6 warblers included Ovenbird and BT Green.