WIR 9/2-9/8

Wednesday 9/2: Hobbs Brook had a Prairie, a couple towhees (finally for the local ‘commute’) and the usual shorebirds.

Thursday 9/3: Nothing exciting at Dunback.

Friday 9/4: Tanager, Red-shoulder, Purple Finch at Rock Meadow, nothing at the duck ponds.

Saturday 9/5: Went out to Watatic. Five loons at Fitchburg Res on the way out. Good warbler show on the way up including 4 Tennessee plus a cuckoo and a few other things. Hawkwatch was slow. Shadow Darners but nothing better on the way back down.

Sunday 9/6: Horn Pond was pretty busy, Olive-sided the most interesting. No egrets though. Turnstones on Magnolia Beach later among the usual stuff.

Monday 9/7: Thrasher at Danehy. Nothing much at Draw Seven and Earhart (75 Semipalmated Sandpipers, RE Vireo). No parking by Point of Pines, nothing at Belle Isle, still no parking at Point of Pines.

Tuesday 9/8: Found the flock of warblers that the Golden-winged was with the other day at Dunback but it wasn’t among them. Also Veery, not too much else.