WIR 9/9-9/15

Wednesday 9/9: Couple decent flocks of warblers at Prospect Hill included FOY Cape May finally, FOF Blackpoll, and a Blue-winged.

Thursday 9/10: Nashville, Blackpoll, more of the same warblers, Broad-wing, etc at BBN.

Friday 9/11: Wanted to look for a morning flight path in Concord but was slow moving and it was a bit dark, so went to Great Meadows. Seemed quiet but a Sanderling appeared on the mudflat, #200 here (finally)! It wasn’t cooperative, but good enough. 

Saturday 9/12: Tried Old North Bridge but no flight in evidence (but other reports of none meant it wasn’t necessarily the site). Couple Purple Finches the best there. Went to Hanscom next. Somehow no RB Nuthatch and the probable Mourning got away before I eliminated Connecticut. Hobbs Brook had the usual, Waltham St. had a Savannah and 3 ravens.

Sunday 9/13: Did the patch on foot for the first time in a few months. Unfortunately a very slow day. Buckeye at BBN along with FOF Blue-headed Vireo was about it. Gave up before I made it to Rock Meadow.

Monday 9/14: Only had time for a quick check of Watertown Square and just to the east and found nothing.

Tuesday 9/15: Gave Old North Bridge another try, no flight evident again. Did have a kestrel, harrier, and FOF Lincoln’s Sparrow. Checked Hobbs Brook after, usual shorebirds and a Philadelphia Vireo.