WIR 9/16-9/22

Wednesday 9/16: Quiet at BBN.

Thursday 9/17: Brush work kept me from actually reaching Weston Station Pond but a few Blackpolls and a Pine on the bike trail plus a singing(ish) Black-and-white in one of the fields. Nothing at the res.

Friday 9/18: Handful of warblers at Dunback, Chestnut-sided the most interesting (plus the couple calls that were probably a Connecticut that others had).

Saturday 9/19: Supposed to be a big migrant push, so headed out to Wayland. Not much for landbirds, a handful of warblers flying over at Heard. Did have a decent selection of shorebirds including a few Semipalmated and Pectoral Sandpipers plus at least 3 kestrels. After a quick scan of Heard Pond and the bridge, continued to the community gardens. A couple more warblers there including a slightly early Yellow Palm. Checked the Rt. 20 bridge briefly, no shorebirds or herons of note before deciding to try closer to home. Hobbs Brook had a Greater Yellowlegs and the usual, nothing much at Waltham St.

Got home and was about to take a nap when Marj called. Townsend’s Warbler at Sandy Beach! In the car a minute later and there in under 20. Walked up past where they had it and promptly found it in the middle of the woods. Waited around for others to start arriving and we soon refound back where Renee had it originally. It stayed there until I left almost 3 hours later.

Sunday 9/20: Decided to start with a Squantum run. Ran into Vin at Squaw Rock, who reported a handful of warblers. I didn’t have much luck with his but had a Chestnut-sided and FOF Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Also had a weird Swainson’s Thrush still showing a lot of juvenile plumage. Got back to the last thicket before the car and had a BT Green pop up, then 2 Empids, and then a Philadelphia Vireo. One Empid proved to be a Yellow-bellied, the other got away. Continued to Commander Shea, which had 2 Yellow Warblers but not much else. Decided to work home from there and headed to Earhart. Quiet by the casino, Black-and-white (eating a Catacola!) and a Blackpoll at Gateway Park. I originally thought those got me to 100 in Everett, but I had just forgotten to update the maps, so still at 99. Brooks next in case yesterday’s Golden-winged was still present. Practically no birds but I did find the Pileated again.

Monday 9/21: Forest Grove had a Tennessee but not much else.

Tuesday 9/22: Only had a few minutes, nothing on Hardy or the res.