WIR 9/23-9/29

Wednesday 9/23: Tennessee and Cape May at Rock Meadow plus first of fall junco.

Thursday 9/24: Lots of the usual at Kaveski, pipits finally and a kestrel.

Friday 9/25: Danehy was pretty birdy, thrasher and Pine Siskin were new for the prework list.

Saturday 9/26: Went to Westborough for a change. No Connecticut and a text about the Kentucky as I was walking in, but Swainson’s Thrush was new for Worcester. As was American Golden-Plover, which was quite nice even for a brief flyover. Skipped on nearby sites and went to Cold Spring. Ran into Max pretty quickly (who immediately waved a picture of a Connecticut at me). We went to where he had the Kentucky and I got the most minimal view of a bird chipping correctly and with the right rear. Lost it immediately and never found it again. It turned out to be chipping at a Barred Owl, which was super cooperative. A decent number of other birds in a couple hours wandering around too.

Sunday 9/27: Should have gone for the YH Blackbird yesterday, but went over first thing. Wasn’t there when I arrived at Mary Cummings, so I looped the trails and had very little only to find out that it flew off as I was returning. Too many flyers at that point, so a few of us went over to Horn Pond. FOF coot and Rusty Blackbird plus 2 PB Grebes and a few other things. Drive by Mary Cummings after still had lots of planes so no point in walking back. Stopped at Hobbs Brook, which had a GW Teal and the usual sandpipers.

Monday 9/28: Tried Mary Cummings again. No blackbird, not much else but did get Purple Finch and Swainson’s Thrush for Burlington.

Tuesday 9/29: Hobbs Brook had the usual, still can’t get a workday yellowlegs.