WIR 10/14-10/20

Wednesday 10/14: Field Sparrow, Sharpie, 6 Rusties at Weston Station Pond.

Thursday 10/15: Field Sparrow, Peregrine, White-crowned, BT Green at Rock Meadow.

Friday 10/16: Realized I needed Snowy Egret for the county for October (and for the Cambridge region commute) so went to the Mystic Lakes. Egret was there so quickly down to the woodlot. Very dark and quiet. Sort of scanned Spy Pond and Hobbs Brook on the way home, nothing of note.

Saturday 10/17: Waited out most of the rain then did a pond loop. Spotted Sandpiper at Hardy, RN Grebe and tons of Wood Ducks at the res, not much at Flint’s. Got a bit wet at Great Meadows as it cleared. Wind wasn’t ideal for pushing migrants, a few Pecs, a couple snipe, good numbers of raptors, and lots of pipits. Hobbs Brook on the way home had a night-heron, 6 Pecs, and a Least.

Sunday 10/18: Started at McCarthy Park. Pipits and siskins both needed for Norfolk, decent number of other birds but nothing exciting. Continued to the Barber Reservation in Sherborn, which had more finches and stuff. Farm Pond next, wish I could check this more regularly. Nothing exciting walking down to the end, went the other way out the causeway seeing almost nothing. A Black-ish duck popped up and I thought it looked odd for a hybrid before realizing it was a Black Scoter! Quick scan of the res on the way home to make sure there weren’t more scoters.

Monday 10/19: West Meadow had a bluebird, Black-and-white, and BT Green. Parkway had nothing exciting.

Tuesday 10/20: Lindentree had a few pipits and siskins and a few GW Teal but not much else of note.