WIR 10/21-10/27

Wednesday 10/21: Tried Ricci Farm in the mist. Big flock of pipits in the fields, bigger flock of cowbirds going over but that was about it.

Thursday 10/22: Only time for a quick check of Gore and Cookson, nothing of note.

Friday 10/23: Mostly robins at Dunback, one Tennessee/Orange-crowned.

Saturday 10/24: Nothing in a very quick scan of the res (not helped by the sun poking out as I got there). Pipits and that was about it at Waltham St. Cooper’s and siskin were new for Somerville. Had enough time to do the casino side of Earhart but not Gateway. White-crowned and Field Sparrows plus a Purple Finch were all good.

Sunday 10/25: Plan was to check a few spots to the south, but decided I should give the res a quick check first. That only took half an hour, Black and Surf Scoters plus Gadwall and lots of other ducks. Decided to head straight to Great Pond next. Loon and some scaup pretty quickly, then a Black Scoter which was one of my targets. RB Merganser was nice too. Big Aythya flock way out, coot flock (finally for Norfolk) in close, many flocks of cormorants going over, and a few other things. Pretty sure a couple redpolls went over as I was heading back. Continued to Millennium. Only shorebird was a Semipalmated Plover. Interesting warbler chip never showed. Red-shouldered in the dead trees, then a big flock of goldfinches had 2+ redpolls (October #227, was starting to worry about getting one this month). Field Sparrow at the far end, then a Merlin on the way back. Rechecked the mud and warbler spot with only a Hermit Thrush, but not bad at all. 

Monday 10/26: Forest Grove had the expected siskins and a less expected American Pipit (Charles #169) plus a few Rusties.

Tuesday 10/27: More Black Scoters at the res plus a Redhead (and Greater Scaup, so 15 species of waterfowl this week). Nothing at Hobbs Brook, 3 more scaup at Hardy.