WIR 10/28-11/3

Wednesday 10/28: Too rainy to look for the Townsend’s, so another check of the res. Loon was in real close and a Red-breasted Merganser was #170 for the Cambridge Region ‘commute’. Ring-neck flock was way out though. Flint’s had a couple Ring-necks and Hoodies but little else. Quick scan of Nine Acre had little and nothing at Hobbs Brook.

Thursday 10/29: Tried for the Townsend’s at Habitat. No luck with that but a big flock of siskins and a smaller flock of Evening Grosbeaks were nice.

Friday 10/30: Actually had to run to the office, but snowing too hard to really bird (could barely see any of the ponds). Did have an eagle fly over on the way out.

Saturday 10/31: Too foggy at the res, too bright at Hobbs Brook (but a White-crowned flew off the road as I drove off down Mill St). Redpolls and a flyover Lapland Longspur at Great Meadows plus FOF Tree Sparrows. Nothing much of note at Barrett’s Mill or School St. Loon and FOF Common Mergansers at Flint’s.

Sunday 11/1: Started at Heard. Pond looked quiet. Conservation land wasn’t terribly busy either, lots of Purple Finches and a few flyover pipits about it. Nothing much at the swamp, so I stopped at the community gardens to check for finches. Nothing of note there. Continued to the Rt. 27 bridge, which was a bit overgrown. Did have a few duck flocks go over with a Gadwall in one. Was planning on Round Hill and Great Meadows headquarters but saw the report of a Long-tailed Duck in Concord so headed that way (via the res, loon and the Ring-necks in less than ideal spots). No Long-tail or much else.

Monday 11/2: Arlington Res was very quiet. One siskin was about it for land birds. Three coots were actually a full commute year bird and a Pied-billed Grebe was nice. Quick check of Hardy didn’t have much beyond cormorants and a kingfisher.

Tuesday 11/3: Went to Great Meadows hoping for Evening Grosbeak for the valley list. No luck with that, but a Peregrine flushed the Dunlin as I walked in and a couple Snow Buntings were bouncing around.