WIR 11/11-11/17

Wednesday 11/11: Couldn’t hit the highs of previous Veteran’s Days. Started at Ell Pond which had a nice selection of waterfowl but just about no land birds. Did a run through Wakefield next, siskin in the cemetery the only moderately interesting thing. Horn Pond was also pretty quiet, although I didn’t check the lagoon or main pond other than as as drive by. Work going on by Winter Pond so I skipped that and too many cars at Spy Pond. Res had a lot of ducks but the sun came out just as I got to the last group, so nothing interesting among them.

Thursday 11/12: Quick early run around the res had good views of the whole duck flock and an eagle. Just short of nothing on Hardy.

Friday 11/13: Loon at the res but too rainy to get out and look through the duck flock. Nothing at Flint’s, Nine Acre, or Hardy.

Saturday 11/14: Squantum run. Siskin over Squaw Rock but not too much else other than what were presumably Snow Buntings that I didn’t get quite enough on to eliminate larks. Squantum Point Park was fairly dead. Passaganeset had the redpoll I was looking for and a Palm. Checked Draw Seven and Earhart on the way home. Nothing at Draw Seven and not much at Earhart until I got back into the car and watched a flock of redpolls drop in.

Sunday 11/15: Initial plan was to check Great Meadows and then Fresh Pond but it was too nice for that, so I started at October Farm instead. Very quiet until (again) back at the car when some number of crossbills went over. Decided to continue to Foss Farm and loop around there. Started well with some Horned Larks flying around, then a Red-shoulder over the river. Down at the other end another crossbill went over, then Ring-necks and a Pied-billed Grebe were on the pond (plus 2 ravens overhead and 2 Pileateds in the woods just beyond). Heading back, the shrike that had been at Foss Farm earlier this month popped up (presumably the same one). Quick stop on the way home got the Redheads at Winter Pond.

Monday 11/16: Not a thing at Great Meadows beyond bluebirds. Quick check of Elm Brook and the res had nothing either.

Tuesday 11/17: Couple redpolls and lots of geese and Mallard at BBN.