WIR 12/16-12/22

Wednesday 12/16: Yellow-rump and a flyover redpoll were it at Dunback.

Thursday 12/17: Nice out.

Friday 12/18: Made a lunchtime run down the Charles, one Bufflehead about it. A few mergansers on Hardy.

Saturday 12/19: Semi-attempted CBC scouting. Checked whether the road at Prospect Hill was cleared, then gave the res a quick buzz. Or would have been quick had a Tundra Swan not stuck its head out. Waltham #222, res #182! Didn’t really check much beyond that.

Sunday 12/20: CBC, but with covid protocols it was easier to do solo sections. Falzone had 2 Hermit Thrushes, a Purple Finch, and a Winter Wren. Hardy was frozen, Paine reminded me why we don’t go anymore (although I did hear the geese that the eagle apparently flushed from the field station), and a few Mallards by the Y. Graverson had another Winter Wren and a few sparrows. Afternoon attempt to find some active feeders failed pretty miserably.

Monday 12/21: Gave the res a quick scan, swan on the commute list (236 overall, 189 for this year). Had enough time after for the duck ponds, one of which was somehow mostly open. Just geese and Malllards and not much in the trees.

Tuesday 12/22: Nothing particularly interesting at Forest Grove.