WIR 2/3-2/9

Wednesday 2/3: Moderate number of ducks on the riverwalk including a scaup but not much else.

Thursday 2/4: Pretty quiet at BBN, probably heard the Marsh Wren but couldn’t be positive. Finally got turkey for the year at Potter Pond on the way home.

Friday 2/5: 13 redpolls at Cookson, a GW Teal and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet by Watertown Square.

Saturday 2/6: Had to run to the office for a minute, so started in Wayland. Red-wings, a Purple Finch, and a ton of Tree Sparrows at the community gardens, a Red-shoulder at Water Row, and 2 Wood Duck by the town building. Was planning on Earhart after that but saw Haynes’ post about a huge flock of Redhead at Prospect St. Found them easily (still waffling on whether I actually had 13 or just the 12 in photos). Not too much else as I continued the loop down to Moody. Went to Purgatory next for a quick scan and was shocked to see the Redhead flock here too. Sounds like they were moving south.

Sunday 2/7: Snow was later than originally forecasted so got over to Earhart. Got all three scoters for the month plus 3 loons. No luck with the Horned Grebe or much else.

Monday 2/8: Tree Sparrow in the yard was the first in a couple years.

Tuesday 2/9: Actual commute today. Quick run around Forest Grove finally got Black Duck on the commute list but beyond a few redpolls not much else.