WIR 3/3-3/9

Wednesday 3/3: No warblers at Alewife. Lot of other stuff but none exciting.

Thursday 3/4: Yellow-rump but not too much else at BBN.

Friday 3/5: Missed the PF Goose by seconds then worked around a bit trying to relocate without any luck.

Saturday 3/6: Another goose try, not too much around. Gave the warblers at Alewife another try, Fox Sparrow and 2 deer the most interesting. Quick scan of Fresh Pond and Clay Pit didn’t have much on the way home. Lot of geese along Concord Ave but nothing with them.

Sunday 3/7: Went out to Wayland to start. Pretty quiet at Heard, eagle the only thing of any interest. Usual ducks at the swamp, skipped Water Row for Nine Acre, which had a harrier. Tried Alewife again in the afternoon. No warbler again but did have a woodcock.

Monday 3/8: Falzone and West Meadow were fairly quiet, did finally get a patch ‘commute’ RB Nuthatch.

Tuesday 3/9: Fairly quiet along the river, Killdeer over Purgatory and a stonefly near Shaw’s about it.