WIR 3/10-3/16

Wednesday 3/10: Another miss of the YT Warbler. Did get one of the catbirds at least.

Thursday 3/11: Red Crossbills and a Barred Owl at BBN. Surprisingly few blackbirds considering there were 300 grackles in the yard as I woke up.

Friday 3/12: Decent selection of ducks at Great Meadows plus a couple eagles and a Tree Swallow.

Saturday 3/13: Couple mergansers and not much else at the res. Usual at Hanscom, Tree Swallows, harrier, ravens the most interesting.

Sunday 3/14: Bit of a skywatch on Water Row. A few Rusties, finally Common Merganser in Sudbury, lots of other blackbirds. Great Meadows headquarters had more of the same. Nine Acre had a couple vultures and lots of Canada Geese, river may not flood this year. Flint’s was still essentially frozen.

Monday 3/15: Too cold and windy but did a Spy Pond, Mystic Lakes, Cambridge Res loop. Lots of mergansers, the RT Loon (‘commute’ #70) but no cormorant, and a few eagles.

Tuesday 3/16: Fox Sparrow, redpoll, at least 4 and probably 6 Yellow-rumps at Dunback.