WIR 7/14-7/20

Wednesday 7/14: RB Grosbeak and a phoebe were both a bit odd along the Charles in Watertown.

Thursday 7/15: Mostly the usual at Rock Meadow/duck ponds. Purple Finch went over, but too weird to count without a better view.

Friday 7/16: Kaveski/Meriam’s/Brooks Village loop had 5 Least Sandpipers at Meriam’s and a Blue-winged Warbler.

Saturday 7/17: Nothing unexpected at Horn Pond, redstart was mildly interesting. Egret at Nine Acre was obvious in a nonbirding drive later.

Sunday 7/18: Wanted to go to the coast but was rainy enough to not bother. Few sandpipers at School St, not much at Great Meadows. Checked for Kathy’s Least Bittern on Cambridge Turnpike, no luck and just missed a Sora too.

Monday 7/19: Orchard Orioles and a Green Heron at West Meadow, nothing along Concord Ave.

Tuesday 7/20: Tried Cambridge Turnpike again. Two Virginia Rails but no bittern or Sora. Reasonable amount of other stuff although nothing exciting.