WIR 7/21-7/27

Wednesday 7/21: Nothing along the river.

Thursday 7/22: Finally got the ‘commute’ patch year list going again with a Spotted Sandpiper at Forest Grove. Also a Night-Heron and a little more but nothing exciting. Spent a little while bashing bushes for Vesper Bluet without any luck.

Friday 7/23: College Pond had usual stuff, RB Nuthatch and singing creeper about the most interesting.

Saturday 7/24: Started with a group of turkeys walking through the yard, then chased a Grasshopper Sparrow report in Shirley with success. Continued to Oxbow where I got to 100 in Ayer (GH Owl, woodcock, pewee, GC Flycatcher) plus a new genus of robber with Stichopogon trifasciatus. Tried Rock Meadow Pond too but quiet.

Sunday 7/25: Decided it was too rainy to go far. Great Meadows was quiet. Egret and 20+ Great Blues at Nine Acre, not much elsewhere.

Monday 7/26: Marsh Wren still singing at BBN.

Tuesday 7/27: Redstart at Dunback was definitely dispersing if not outright migrating. Also finally found Atomosia puella.