WIR 7/28-8/3

Wednesday 7/28: Couple Night-Herons at Cookson, nothing east of the square.

Thursday 7/29: Pretty dead at Prospect Hill, no tiger beetles.

Friday 7/30: Lot around at Hanscom although nothing much of interest.

Saturday 7/31: Started at Water Row, a few things flying around but nothing terribly exciting. Went to GM headquarters next, as much to see if the bathrooms were open as to bird, very little there. Back to the northern end of Water Row where a Red-shoulder was a Sudbury bird. Gave Pelham Island Rd a quick spin with nothing worth noting. Got home and almost immediately had a call from Marj about a White Ibis that had been in Wayland the night before. Ran back out but not surprisingly didn’t find it. Up to Gloucester in the afternoon, where I eventually walked over to Magnolia Point and got an Oystercatcher (somehow an Essex county bird) and a few other things.

Sunday 8/1: Ode walk in Carlisle, so started by going to Two Rod first. Not overly birdy, but Winter Wrens on either side of the town line were nice (new August bird after not getting a July bird) plus a Hermit Thrush and some bluebirds. Only inhaled one mosquito too. On to the Cranberry Bog, which was pretty quiet. Unanimous agreement was that the best odes were two Virginia Rails.

Monday 8/2: Weston Station Pond had the usual, 2 Spotted Sandpipers the most interesting unfortunately.

Tuesday 8/3: A few things of mild note at Cookson included a cormorant, RB Grosbeak, and phoebe. Nothing much along the river.