WIR 8/4-8/10

Wednesday 8/4: Was heading to BBN but a couple odd birds that appeared to drop towards Hardy Pond turned out to be Glossy Ibis! Drove over to the other side to try to find them with no luck, but yard #117 and Waltham #225! Green Herons and a Hooded Merganser were nice at BBN.

Thursday 8/5: Went to Nine Acre for egrets and anything the rain might have put down. Found a Night-Heron flying off and that was it. Headed for a pond loop after but it started pouring again, so didn’t see much of anything.

Friday 8/6: Osprey at Flowed Meadow was a commute patch year bird (finally). Also a Zabulon Skipper and calling Virginia Rail or two.

Saturday 8/7: Eaten alive at Belle Isle with not much to show, FOY Lesser Yellowlegs, SB Dowitcher, and Broad-winged Skipper but no phalarope. Earhart had the usual in a quick stop.

Sunday 8/8: Quick check of Arlington Res had nothing. Went with a group down to Borderland State Park for odes. Little too cloudy but did get my state Scarlet Bluet and lots of Martha’s and Banded Pennants, plus a great Syrphid, Spilomyia longicornis.

Monday 8/9: Moderate diversity at Lindentree, Green Herons and 120+ Mourning Dove the most interesting.

Tuesday 8/10: Almost nothing along the Charles in Watertown, first Spotted Sandpiper(s?) in quite some time were it.