WIR 8/11-8/17

Wednesday 8/11: Waterthrush at BBN along with the Hooded Merganser and most of the regulars. Zabulon Skipper too.

Thursday 8/12: Indigo Buntings, towhees, and a Prairie Warbler at Hobbs Brook. No wet edges on the water though.

Friday 8/13: Thought Great Meadows was going to be a bit slow but a Kestrel, waterthrush that seems like a Louisiana, and a Dickcissel made it pretty good.

Saturday 8/14: Squantum run. No Yellow-crowned Night-Heron but not too bad otherwise. Started at Squantum Point Park where I had a Merlin, Prairie Warbler, and Chipping Sparrow, all unrecorded there in a few months plus a bunch of Zabulon Skippers. Marshes next, BW Teal were apparently new in, Stilt Sandpiper, and tons of egrets. Did a quick check for another night-heron then went to Nut Island in the hope of something pelagic. No luck but a bit cooler out in the middle. Green Heron over the res on the way home was only my second there.

Sunday 8/15: Thought there would be some movement overnight so went to Danehy. Barely even had residents. Continued to Blair Pond, which had a couple Least and Solitaries, then McClennen, which also had nothing. Arlington Res had lots of waxwings but not much else (although the hummingbird was actually new for me there).

Monday 8/16: Redstart was about it at Dunback (well, another Zabulon too).

Tuesday 8/17: Green Heron, 2 night herons, and a Great Blue all at Cookson. Barn Swallow (somehow a Watertown year bird) at the dam. Something for the afternoon too. Besides the ibis, lots of shorebirds included both yellowlegs and a snipe.