WIR 8/18-8/24

Wednesday 8/18: Osprey and a young Milk Snake at Weston Station Pond. Glad I skipped out for the ibis yesterday…

Thursday 8/19: Got to the duck ponds just as the rain started. Four Solitaries, a Least, 2 Lesser Yellowlegs. Did a res and Hardy loop after, eagle at the res about it.

Friday 8/20: Res had nothing. Meriam’s/Kaveski had a couple Leasts and a Solitary or two but that was about it.

Saturday 8/21: Started at Sandy Beach, which was pretty quiet. Continued to Fresh Pond where the main goal was checking on the Argia to see if the possible Blue-tipped photographed the other day was around. Found lots of weird Blue-fronted which is likely what the other was too. No state record but interesting. Not much for birds, Least Flycatcher the only thing of note.

Sunday 8/22: Res had nothing. Forgot to turn for Draw Seven so went to Earhart. Got Semi Plover and Sandpiper before it started raining too heavily, no storm birds though. Tried Mystic Lakes but couldn’t see anything through the rain (more joggers than birds!). Afternoon check was res (nothing), School St (3 snipe, 3-4 Solitary, 17 Least), Flint’s (nothing), and Hardy (nothing).

Monday 8/23: Did what I should have done yesterday as soon as it was obvious there was nothing on the ponds and camped out for a couple hours on the platform at Great Meadows. Wasn’t great (no flocks of godwits like out west) but a Peregrine or two, a Merlin, a yellowlegs, and a few swallows made it worthwhile.

Tuesday 8/24: Tried Meriam’s for shorebirds again. Ton of Killdeer, one Least. Plus a ton of robins and finches.