WIR 8/25-8/31

Wednesday 8/25: Broad-wing was sitting on a flagpole at BBN as I arrived. Not too much else, lots of orioles, an adult male-looking Yellow Warbler, and a restart about it, plus a deer. Finally got a nighthawk at home in the evening plus what was almost certainly my first phoebe for the yard along with a hummingbird.

Thursday 8/26: Nothing much at Cookson or east of the square.

Friday 8/27: Nothing too exciting at Rock Meadow, finally got GC and Willow Flycatchers for the year for Belmont plus a redstart. Water at the duck ponds was still up, kingfisher the only bit of interest.

Saturday 8/28: Went out to Nobscot. Very little there, Herring Gulls about the most interesting. Stopped at Sedge Meadow, other than a quick chat nothing there either.

Sunday 8/29: Started at Deer Island, which was quiet. Spent some time trying to scope shorebirds at Winthrop Beach but too far for anything but oystercatchers. Saw Bob’s report of a Buff-breasted, so actually stopped there next. Only shorebirds were a couple Semipalmated Plovers, a Spotted Sandpiper or two, and a flyover dowitcher. Did a Belle Isle loop next. Cooper’s and a kestrel at the Key probably limited the shorebirds there. Virginia Rail squealing at the side platform was an overdue county bird as were the Blue-winged Teal that flew into the main pan. Mosquitos got brutal away from that edge, so went to Lawn Ave. Walking in, something flushed from the trees. Big chunky bill and long legs meant I couldn’t make it into anything but a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, county bird #3. And out at the platform, the Stilt Sandpiper was visible for #4.

Monday 8/30: Not much at Forest Grove. Solitary perched on the tree in the middle of the cove with a kingfisher beside it had me confused for a few.

Tuesday 8/31: Broad-wing, 3 Redstarts, 3 Black-and-white at Falzone, nothing at West Meadow. Waterthrush popped up for 10 seconds at lunchtime, new yard bird!