WIR 9/1-9/7

Wednesday 9/1: As expected since it’s September, a small flock of warblers at BBN, Black-and-white, 2 parula, Nashville, Magnolia, and a few Redstarts among them. Not too much else though.

Thursday 9/2: Gave the res a quick check for anything storm-related, same eagles, geese, swans, and cormorants. Nothing in Watertown.

Friday 9/3: Hanscom, not quite as many migrants as I hoped but a few including a couple new for Bedford (Least Flycatcher, Magnolia Warbler). Had time in the afternoon for a quick walk around Dunback but other than a calling Veery, it was quiet.

Saturday 9/4: Went out west. Started at High Ridge WMA, which looked pretty nice, looks especially good for emeralds. Got 4 county birds, Magnolia Warbler being the commonest bird I still needed plus Philadelphia Vireo, Cape May Warbler, and Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. Tried for some bog after but the road ended a mile short, so I went to Lake Wampanoag instead. Another Maggie but not much else. Swung by Fitchburg Res on the way home, 3 loons, a bunch of raptors (2 eagles, 4 vultures, a few others), and the first Mottled Darner I’ve seen in 15 years.

Sunday 9/5: Started at Horn Pond. Warblers included a Canada and a Yellow-rump plus a few other things. Had time for a quick loop of Mary Cummings where I had a Magnolia, Yellow, a bunch of vireos, and a tanager.

Monday 9/6: Gave the res a quick check while deciding where to actually go, nothing there. Ended up at Nahanton, gnatcatcher, Parula, and Redstart about it. Continued to Kendrick Pond, which started with an egret then a flyover nighthawk (first in Norfolk not Carolina Wren-ruled). On the ridge, I came across a large mixed flock of jays and warblers that were quite upset at something but I have no idea what. Got home and an almost immediate text from Cliff about 2(!) Golden-wings at Hayden Woods, so right back out. Took a lot of wandering but eventually got one of them. Stopped at Waltham St. briefly to see if the night-heron was still there, settled for a harrier. Nighthawk watch from the yard had 12 plus an Osprey and 2 Tree Swallows (and an interesting warbler zooming over).

Tuesday 9/7: Not a ton at Habitat, Veery, bunch of redstarts, Black-and-whites, couple Parula, probably a Bay-breasted.