WIR 9/8-9/14

Wednesday 9/8: Redstart was the only migrant at Weston Station Pond. Lot of Wood Ducks, a Green Heron, and a raven about it otherwise. Field was being mowed so I didn’t check that or the nice sunny edge.

Thursday 9/9: Hummingbird at Cookson, nothing along the river.

Friday 9/10: Pine Warbler and hummingbird about it at Danehy. (Note for Bryan: it only took 5 years after you said I should replace my camera strap immediately for it to break)

Saturday 9/11: Tried for a morning flight at the North Bridge again, think it’s time to give up on the idea. Did have 2-3 Pileated, 17 GW Teal, and a few other things (wish the presumed Tennessee had sat longer or posed slightly better). Continued to the Cambridge Turnpike marsh which had a Sharpie, another Pileated, and lots of Bobolinks overhead. Nothing much at Hobbs Brook. Quick check of Shade St had a Swainson’s Thrush or two.

Sunday 9/12: Out to Westborough. Missed all targets (Connecticut, Dickcissel, Sora, etc). Did get what must have been a Carolina Saddlebags and a presumed Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. 

Monday 9/13: Wanted to go to Wayland but figured with the rain overnight Arlington Res was a better bet. Fortunately, still cloudy when I arrived, so the shorebirds were visible. Lots of Semipalmated Sandpipers, a few Least, Killdeer, Lesser Yellowlegs around. Walked over to the farm, Blackpoll among a pile of sparrows and one other possibly interesting warbler. Went back to the spillway without much (Solitary visible). Wandered back and made one last scan and picked up a Semipalmated Plover and more yellowlegs, not sure where they all came from.

Tuesday 9/14: Lincoln’s Sparrow, BW Teal, Cape May, and a few other warblers at BBN.